Please some urgent advice re mother and contact

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Please some urgent advice re mother and contact

Post by fymlor » Sat Sep 03, 2011 6:45 am

We have got 3 children in care by an ICO, aged 13, and 10, and 5. They ended up in care because the 13-year-old boy made false allegations of assault and neglect and the 10-year-old girl sort of supported these allegations.
We have got contact with the 5-year-old girl but none of the other children.
The 10 year old has been asking to see her mother since June, which was confirmed by social services and guardian. The mother has got bail conditions not to see her and has spent a lot of effort trying to get them removed, but SS is not going on record that they will support this, so no luck in criminal court yet.
We go to a case management finally on the 17.8.11 in county court and also trying to apply for contact order which would help get bail conditions removed at magistrate’s court for mother to see her daughter as the criminal solicitor says this would go a long way to helping. At county court the judge gets told by SS that the daughter dated the day before she does not want to see mother this is after asking to see her for about 2 month!!
Judge says let guardian see her and makes no order, so SS win again, and mothers soul and hope dies again. Our eldest son just 18 (who confirms allegation not true), did see the 10 year old the day before the county court hearing at a contact session and she told him that she wants to see her mum!!!
How can we make the court give us access to our child so we can hear it from her and not through guardian (whom she has now said that she doesn’t want to see mother and social services as we think she is being bribed and manipulated by SS with a nicer live? - Please note she had literally just returned from a holiday where she did horse riding and all sorts of things not yet done with us (despite we doing everything she asked for with her) We did take them and the police to court once and sued them, we caused embarrassment and shame to them and therefore they do not like us.
So please tell us how to get access our eldest daughter ourselves (both of us have bail restrictions and now so does our son) or can we get an emergency order for an expert or independent social worker to talk to our daughter to get truth about contact with mother and maybe myself the father?

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Re: Please some urgent advice re mother and contact

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:10 pm

Hi Fymlor,

Sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Unfortunately you have posted this question on the board that is for friends and family only. We also have a discussion board for parents. Could I ask you to join the parents forum and to repost your question there and someone will answer it for you?

Many Thanks


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