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Postby IAS » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:57 am

Hi tryinghard69 and everyone else

Thank you so much for the advice it is much appreciated. I deperately want to try and work with the birth mother to try and make this work for the kids. I am worried that she will try and make our lives difficult but we will be setting rules and boundaries though and I hope she respects them.

I know I am very naive and too trusting but I like to think of the best in everyone and i'd like think she can change. I am just going to what is best for all the children involved and I will do what is necessary to ensure their safety and to make sure their needs are taken care of.

Can I ask what do people do about juggling work and schools breaks etc. I was thinking about going term time only at work, however this will put me vunerable position at work and I've worked really hard to get where I am (8 years) and I am close to a quite big promotion.

I would mind going term time only or finding a new job if it wasn't for the fact that I've heard birth mother is planning on taking us back to court in 18 months if the SGO is granted. I really don't know what do because I have looked into summer clubs etc and they cost a fortune. I really don't think she would get them back anytime soon as she isn't really showing signs of having changed but not knowing what to expect/unknown is causing quite a lot of stress at the moment. I'd rather not go term only if the SGO isn't long term.

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