SGO practical questions

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SGO practical questions

Postby Polly » Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:01 pm

Can anyone answer the following queries re applying for SGO..

We foster two children who are LAC but do not live in the are covered by the Local Authority. Do we apply to the court where we live or where the Social Services who are Corporate Parents and the Care Order was made?

A three month time scale has been mentioned. at what point does that start? SWs are visting us in a couple of weeks to begin the assessment and we have emailed them and spoken to them to say we want to go for an SGO?

Has anyone been successful in getting contact supervised by the LA where there have been ongoing risk issues and unreliability by parents. at the moment all sessions (not frequent fortunately) are facilitated by SS, we just drop off and pick up.

I have heard that a few Guardians have been successful in getting written agreements of funding on a par with fostering until 18. we are dependent on the current allowance for day to day expenses and couldn't continue if was withdrawn after a few years if policy changed. we have no problem with being means tested annually though as we will never have enough!

Thanks for any shared wisdom.

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Re: SGO practical questions

Postby ied53 » Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:03 am

you apply to the soc servs where the children are . That local authority will remain responsible for the children.
You give them three months notice it starts from the date of your letter ( send signed for so you have a date received). Yes some have secured payments until age 18 few and far between though. As a foster carer you do get same amount foe two years before means testing starts. again a few have court ordered payments in line with fostering until age 18. the LA may continue to supervise contact but most will expect the carers to. have sent you a private message
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