CAO to an SGO

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CAO to an SGO

Post by Useyourhead » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:33 pm

Hi Everyone

After a long and bloodied battle with the LA, we have prevented the forced adoption of our grandson and we have been granted a CAO.

We did apply for an SGO but have been told we cannot go for an SGO straight away, we have to have a CAO for 12 months before we can make an application for the SGO - is this right? we didn't have to do this with our grand-daughter.

When we made the application to Court, we applied for a CAO/SGO - we still want the SGO without a doubt so why can't we have the SGO instead of having to go back again?

We also have not been offered any sort of support/assessment for support, it has not been mentioned by the LA or Guardian despite us mentioning it numerous times - I understand the CAO is new speak for the old Residence Order, should we not be entitled to an assessment at least?

One other thing - the mother did not put the fathers name on the birth certificate (our son) so he has his mothers surname - which means he has a different name to the rest of the family he is going to be brought in/with - for his own sake/piece of mind as he grows up, we think it beneficial that he has his fathers name (he will be brought up with his father involved but not so much his mother) - can we legally change his name for legitimate reasons or at least give him a double barrel surname so he doesn't feel the odd one out?

Thanks in advance

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Suzie, FRG Adviser
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Re: CAO to an SGO

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:28 pm

Dear Useyourhead

My name is Suzie and I am an Adviser at Family Rights Group.

You certainly deserve congratulations for staying the course to ensure that your grandson was not adopted.

As your grandson was a looked after child with Children Services you should have been assessed for an allowance for the Child Arrangement Order (CAO). This allowance is discretionary and means tested and normally should be requested at the time the CAO is made. You could still ask Children Services to assess you for this allowance.

I suggest you ask the social worker for a copy of their family and friends or kinship carer policy. This will give you information about how they go about assessing family and friend’s carers. You may be able to download it from your local authority website.

A copy of our advice sheet on support is included here for your information.
In relation to your grandson’s name, unfortunately you cannot change his surname without making an application to the court.

It is really unfortunate that your son did not ask the court to make a parental responsibility order during the care proceedings. He can apply to the court for an parental responsibility order or, if the mother will agree, they could sign a parental responsibility agreement which would be registered at the court. I have included our advice sheet relating to parental responsibility for your information. You do of course have parental responsibility because of the Child Arrangement Order made in your favour.

If you wish to speak to one of our advisers, please feel free to telephone our free advice line which is open 9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

I hope you will find this information helpful.

Best wishes,


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