Legal order query

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Legal order query

Postby MinnieMoo » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:34 pm

Currently DGD is under an ISO. BM and DGD are in an assessment centre for a 12 wk parenting capacity assessment. BM has already had a pysch assessment. BF has already has had his which basically says he is unfit to be around the child.
As of mid November, they still wanted to be assessed as a family.... but have not engaged with services they were supposed to.
They (idiot parents) are due back in court on the 21st Jan for a Case Management Hearing. Then at the end of Feb it's the Final Hearing. This might sound silly but the Final Hearing is where the court orders are made and visitation, etc., is decided?
By that point, I need to have all my 'wants' in order and bring them before the court?
I've been reading re the various court hearings and is it the Final hearing where I can be questioned by the parents legal time?
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