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Hi I'm new to this and to cut a long story short for the past nearly 5yrs have had full time care of my grand-daughter who is nearly 6.She was placed in our care by her mum due to pnd and unstable lifestyle. nearly a year later after trying to snatch her back we went to court and an interim ro was awarded to us then a few months down the line before the final hearing lo mum moved in with us temporarily and final order was given to myself my husband and lo's mum at my address...... within a week or 2 my daughter moved out to keep up her unstable behaviour, has moved address 18 times and had 1 broken relationship after another, there has been drink and drugs too but not too bad, there is a nearly 2yr old now and also another 1 due in a couple of months.... contact with our gd took 2 and a half yrs to become 1 overnight visit and even then was a hit and miss and we have also put our gd welfare 1st regarding keeping a relationship with mum. we never went back to court as my daughter has always said she'd never take our gd away from what she has with us.... Until NOW that is, we have been sent solicitors letter saying that the ro states shared residence with rehab back in to mums full care, this order was made 4yrs ago surely we don't have to abide by it if she hasn't in all this time..... anyway after speaking to people and reading some articles on here we have applied for a private assessment for an sgo and are coming to the last couple of weeks and then a report... surely after a child living and bonding with us for 5 out of 6 yrs they wouldn't allow her to be removed now. mum is more stable yet has had mental health issues and like i say is on 3rd child all to different dad's current relationship less than 11 months, money doesn't seem to be an object for them though due to his drug dealing PAST so they are contesting the sgo if we pass the assessment... how much time and money could this end up costing anybody out there with a similar situation. i know also that for the past 12 months my daughter has gathered support and has people helping her to care for my other gd of 21 months who she doesn't allow me to see and know that without there support she wouldn't be able to do the care herself, would a judge see the support as good/bad cause what if that support breaks down, she cant do it herself ? please any advise welcomed at a very stressful time.

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