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fighting for resonable acsess to our granchildre

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:38 pm
by nannydunn
Just wanted to say we have now had contact twice with my granddaughter but we are still be ing denied contact with our grandson it has now been over three months since they were taken and we have had no contact with him at all and two one hour sessions in a contact centre supervised by her foster carer which is very difficult and unnatural as we are used to having them in our home surrounded by their things not a large room with broken toys and incomplete puzzles and games. when we ask about seeing our grandson we are told there are issues but neither the s w or line manager are willing to tell us exactly what the issues are our solicitor has written to them asking why we cannot have contact as his mother agrees and cannot understand why they wont let us see him I think they are getting him ready for adoption if their mother fails her parenting assessment and the fewer people he sees from his family the easier it will to convince a judge that he will be better off adopted at two years old he is more adoptable than his rising 6 year old sister who is displaying some behavioural problems hardly surprising after what she has been through this last 8 months. we have told social workers that we will have room for the children from august when our youngest son moves out if the parenting assessment fails but I think they are trying to make barriers so we cannot have them because we complained about them.