Facebook abuse and slander

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Facebook abuse and slander

Postby Bonnie » Mon May 16, 2011 4:06 pm

Im absolutely fed up!!!

I have had phone calls from my son as he has been brought in to an argument that has nothing to do with him, this is because he is a friend of one of the lads.

Arguments happen, I let it go over my head, thank goodness I no longer live in that county.

The reason im angry is because I have been dragged into it; fine, ignored it at first, but then shock!!!! This little idiot who has two children, he is 25 yrs old his wife is 50 yrs old have been posting on peoples face book that I am a paedophile and that I abused him aged 12. Im angry and sickened by it!

I phoned the police, its not us, phone the other county, this I did, its not us, its where you live, 6 phone calls later no one would deal with it, no one would go and give him an harassment warning!
Ive reputed it to face book no response!

I have phoned solicitors who say it will cost too much and im not a celebrity don't waste your money.

I phoned thee police as these two people are sending emails to my son, apologising saying it was wrong of them I did nothing, then the next email accused again and threatening my daughter and asking what coffin she wants, mahogany or oak. Again I told police and they said it costs time and money and I should ignore it. I was also told not to bother complaining to the police at their lack of response as I would be told the same.

Yes ignore it, but when you've been to hell and back to save your grandchildren, the last thing I need is ss.

They are accusing 3 others of abusing their children, they took matters into their own hands, not that I agree but it shook them up, but 5 hours later they have started again, this is the 4th day we have had to endure this! No one will do any thing, they are now saying they are going to ss, also they are giving evidence for a girl not to see his child, he is stating he saw him hit his daughter.

What can I do, there is always some idiot that will believe these idiots!

(((H U G S )))
(((H U G S )))

Aunty Lucy
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Re: Facebook abuse and slander

Postby Aunty Lucy » Mon May 16, 2011 10:01 pm

That must be so upsetting.
I don't know what I'd do, except at least get it printed if you can, they can always delete it and say it was never posted. And maybe see a different solicitor?

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Re: Facebook abuse and slander

Postby old bear » Tue May 17, 2011 3:54 am

hi bonnie,
i don't know what the answer is, but i wanted to send you my best wishes ~ this must be so hard to bear.
it's hard to understand why someone would do something like this ~ but i know that people do the weirdest things ~ and this one is very cruel indeed.
the only thing i can think of is to phone your local newspaper and ask them what you should do about it ~ they have the answers to most things (even if they sometimes use them in a strange way!)
but then, if they say you should contact the police (or whoever) then when you phone them again you can tell them you got the advice from the paper ~ then hopefully they'll be so concerned you might go back to the paper they'll be more careful to do the right thing by you.
it's worked for me before.
anyway, i wish you luck in trying to deal with it
or strength in ignoring it
or both
old bear

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Re: Facebook abuse and slander

Postby Bonnie » Tue May 17, 2011 9:00 am

Aww! Thank you!

W used to live a fw doors away from them, we movd as we were so fed up of thier trouble making, including calling the police, even when we had not been home. They wre charged with wasting police time in the end, after they claimed thier 10yr old had been raped on the way to school. The girl was seen walking to school on her own through the fields the next day!! This certified to the police all thier claims were falls!

This young idiot is living in a different town, so he is now starting it all.

I will be glad when its over, his sister has now started.

I am so glad I dont live there but it doesnt take away the fact some one could ignore the truth ( ss )

(((H U G S )))
(((H U G S )))

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Re: Facebook abuse and slander

Postby Bonnie » Tue May 17, 2011 11:48 am

The idiot has phoned the police accusing two others of burglary last night, CID have gone to both thier homes, ive spoken to the police again and they have told me my son has to report it, then they will look into it.
Im so annoyed that the police are having thier time wasted, hopefully it wont take them long to realise this and charge theem for wasting thier time.

Sorry if ive been a pain but I did not know what to do, I dont want ss back in my life!

(((H U G S )))
(((H U G S )))

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Re: Facebook abuse and slander

Postby Kate » Tue May 17, 2011 11:51 pm

Seconding what Irene said. Good luck with this Bonnie.

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Re: Facebook abuse and slander

Postby LLB » Thu May 26, 2011 2:20 pm

Hi Bonnie

I have just seen this and with what I and other members of my family went through this time last year and how horrible it was I just felt that I had to respond.

I am going to look up the details if I still have them of the advice that I got and where I got it from.

Facebook just ignored my reporting the untrue comments made of facebook so that was a dead loss and someone should do something about them. All I could do was to block these people and restrict anyone from seeing my facebook.

At the same time I did not respond and appeared to ignore everything whilst going through hell about lies that were being spread around.

Then there were emails and the police have a duty to respond if the emails and comments on facebook are coming from this country. My problems were coming from abroad so there was little I could do without taking out an expensive court case.

I got advice from an e-victim support line and victim support itself as well as the citizens advice bureau.

I don't care what the police say they can do something if the offence is committed in this country.

I will see what I can find for you if you like

My thoughts are with you having been there myself and it nearly destroyed me

Just found this:


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