care plan meeting

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care plan meeting

Post by kez » Sat May 14, 2011 8:34 am

i went to care plan meeting yesterday i walked out the last one 6 weeks ago as sw was trying to push services on me in a morning and night (earlier post ).sw took the team manager with her who had a face tripping her up ,the doctor from cams was there and i explained why i had last meeting,then doctor explained she has reactive attachment disorder and traits of adhd and that her behaviour was noted before she came to live with me at 18 months as she was seen by a mental health professional before she came to live with us.i moved the child from school over a year ago as she would go to school and make up lies which is part of her condition and get my other daughters in trouble and the ss were so fed up of headteacher reporting me never for child protection that they wrote her a letter and said unless it was child protection she couldnt phone again.since she has been at new school her old behaviour has started again,the old school would sit and cuddle her the new school treat her as a normal child.i have blamed myself for her behaviour thinking it was because i have other children and cant give her my full attention as i have to share with the other girls and my son who is 2,i told camhs and the worker from full circle this and sw and they all say im doing the right things for her,but yesterday at meeting the team manager was asking the doctor if it was my fault and he told her no and explained her behaviour started before she came to live with us and we have given her a loving stable home for 7 years but she will need lots of therapy to sort her out.she is receiving full circle and for that we need a sw,i hate ss with a passion they have never helped me in 7 years i have sat in their offices and begged for help and told i cant get any,i was reported when i was pregnant and sw told me if she took the child she would take all the children so i dont like or trust them.the doctor explained if she doesnt do full circle she can therapy through camhs direct without sw,but the team manager said if i dont do it through full circle and i get reported (i was only reported when she was at old school )that she will look at file and see that i have terimated there services and that alarm bells will ring and i will be guilty before anybody comes out,i feel i am being blackmailed again to keep sw.none of the children are on any orders there is no concerns with any of the children and the only one who has a problem is this child,the manager was trying her hardest to blame me but everybody told her it wasnt my fault and she had come to the meeting not knowing the full back ground like death threats we get etc.ive got an appointment to see a solicitor on monday the ss think they are god and can treat poeple like dirt and they have caused me nothing but problems for 7 years,when i first got the child and explained what she was doing nobody would believe me and i have fought from the start to get her diagnosed and this was done september last year.
sorry for the rant and moan but i feel like i have been a doormat for 7 years and i have done everything they have asked and more and never seems enough,i dont do drugs and i dont drink unlike the birth parents.

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Re: care plan meeting

Post by divadi2000 » Sat May 14, 2011 6:56 pm

My sentiments to you!! I am in a similar situation as you s/s are rubbish with me...very very unsupportive and I totally agree with you they think they are god...its there way or no way...sorry but I will never bow dow to them many times I feel like they are treating me like I am the one who has done wrong unlike the kids parents whose lifestyles of drink etc etc seem more priority and they seem to get away with it...nothing said to them..well in my case nothing..had I not took my g/children in they would have been placed in care and had they been put in care I dare like to bet s/s would have offered those carers all the support going!! but at least for the foreseable future the kids are happy and settled with me its hard work but its there security that is paramount. I hope all goes well for you...hopefully s/s will maybe in the future change towards you, me and imagine thousands others! Hugs to you x

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