victim of social services lies

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victim of social services lies

Post by lee24v » Thu Sep 10, 2015 3:27 pm

Hi i am new to this forum i have something i need to get of my chest,
i am a family man i have three children of my own one is 23yrs old another is 20yrs old disabled daughter who me and my partner have never had any help or asked for help that's the kind of person i am and my son 15yrs old,
i have never been arrested never broken the law don't drink never took drugs never smacked my children only ever cared for my family,
my oldest daughter gave birth to my grandson four years ago , the dad wanted nothing to with my grandson and walked out of his life,
the dad then started to attack my daughter so she informed the police that her son's dad attacked this happened 2 or 3 times police did nothing ,
only reported it to social services, that's how they got involved,
they stated my daughter can not keep my grandson safe,
he was here at home safe the 2 or 3 times the attack happened,
this is where all the lies started ,
my daughter had to do a triple p assessment because my grandson was conceived from a bully forcing the intercourse , my daughter as found it hard to bond with my grandson ,
my daughter does love him and care for him and provides for him,
they say my grandson see's his mum more as a sister than a mum they say,
social services ask us to do a sgo just incase things went wrong for my daughter, my partner agreed i said no don't want anything to do with that she cares for him loves him provides for him, there reply was that's ok we only need one of you,
the social worker who done the sgo came round my house to speak to my partner after about ten mins , i had the feeling you didn't like me i was correct he called me sad and had a sad life, i was going to ask him to leave but i went upstairs to get away from him, my partner ended her sgo he reported i was trouble and interfering which is untrue,
then social services came round asked me to do a sgo to help my daughter and my partner as a back up, i said let me thing about it because of the values i hold as a parent,
two weeks went past i agreed to do it against what i believe,
big mistake that was,
i left home when i was 16yrs old, i said to myself when i start my own family i will do my best to care and provide protect and love my family,
i said to them a part of my life is private and i use my human rights to keep it that way, they can not use anything under the age of 16yrs old in my sgo or mix it up with adult life if you don't agreed then i refuse to do it, a week went past she came back and said all parties agree not to use nothing under the age of 16,
so i agreed to do the sgo WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE i had to use the same social worker my partner did who called me sad,
i done the sgo it came back believe me or not with about 85% of lies in it and false information and under the age of 16 which he made up, i was born in 1965 and in 2003 i was diagnosed with acute spina bifida never knew about it until 38yrs later,
one of the lies was
my dad found out that his son lee at a very young age had acute spina bifida this is why lee's dad treated him the way he did with physically abusing him and neglect as his son this led to lee being sexually abused by a family member,
that above is just one of the lies the lies go on and on ,
so i reported it to the social worker who knew about our agreement ,
she replied to me it will be blacked out and retracted and see what we have left in the sgo this social worker is a complete corrupted lair who wants her bonus, she as lied to me my partner and my daughter,
now they are saying i am mental lol and need a assessment they came up with that based on lies, the assessment they want me to do you can not pass or can not fail we need to know what wrong with you lee, you can not base that assessment on incorrect misleading information and defamation of character and broke my human rights article 8,
so i reported social services to the local government ombudsman , Information Commissioner's Office which deal with your data which social service have broken and the human rights they say they have broken article 8 and i told my mp about all the lies and the way they are misleading us, my mp had a meeting with social services they even lied to him,
social services told me and my mp over the phone we are going to court nothing to do with lee, lee is not involved at this minute we just need advice on what to do next,
complete and utter lies ,
i went to the court hearing to ask to be brought in to the proceedings which was granted so i went into the court room,
that's when i found out social services want me out of my house and because they think i am a threat to my grandson,
and handed the retracted sgo to the judge,
i would rather be beaten with a stick than be a threat to him ,
this house is in my name i won it in a divorce in 2007 and had a full cafcass report done and got
joint custody of my children they stayed with me for a week then lived with there mum for a week then came back to me, then 16 months later me and my ex got back together social services want us to split up again me move out and my grandsons mum my daughter,
they want me out by the 30/9/15, or they will start care proceeding to remove my grandson ,
i am completely innocent just a victim of social services corruption that's a strong word but true
as soon as i started complaining they changed towards me , they will never shut me up because i'm innocent

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Re: victim of social services lies

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:34 pm

Dear Lee24v,

I understand that your 4 year old grandson is subject to care proceedings. At the end of these court proceedings, the judge will decide where he will be living permanently.

As part of the proceedings children services will carry out assessments:
• Of the parents-if they want to be assessed,
• Family or friends who have put themselves forward to care for your grandson.

Your partner put herself forward to be a special guardian. Initially, you did not want to be involved in the assessment. At this stage you should have been told that some background checks of you would have to happen-otherwise your partner’s case to be a special guardian could not proceed while she continues to lives with you.

Later you agreed to a partial assessment. You did not want details of your life before you were 16 to be looked into.

Again, children services should have made it clear that they would have to do some background checks in respect of you-including when you were a child.
They were very wrong to say that they wouldn’t take into account information they find about you when you were a child.

Now they have this information,-even though you say it is incorrect- they cannot ignore it.

The choice for you is:

• To follow any advice from the information commissioner about correcting the records. However, this will take months to do. Because the records are from a long time ago-when you were a child, it will take a long time and there is the possibility that you might never be able to change all the records.
The care proceedings that concern your grandson should be completed quickly. The court is unlikely to wait for you to see whether your records can be amended. For the purposes of the court proceedings these records will remain as they are.

• You own your home and do not have to move out of it. However, you could move out of your home so as to allow your partner and mum to take care of your grandson. Children services do have a power to help you with alternative accommodation. You could ask them about this.

• You remain living in your house. Your partner , mum and your grandson could move out into different accommodation from you. Has this been considered?

I have only touched on your questions so please post back. Your situation is complicated. Or you could call our advice line on 0808 801 0366 for further in-depth advice? Or you could seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in children law.

Best wishes,


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