Online survey for young people to fill in

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Online survey for young people to fill in

Postby David Roth » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:05 am

Family Rights Group is one of eight leading charities that have set up The Care Inquiry. The purpose is to collect information about what produces the best results for children who have to live away from their parents, whether they are doing so as part of the care system or being raised by family members as an alternative to care. You can read more about the Care Inquiry here: ... re-inquiry

The Care Inquiry presented some initial findings, from a survey of the available research, to a meeting in parliament last week. It is also going through a process of consulting with the young people themselves. The Who Cares? Trust is conducting a survey of young people up to the age of 25 on its website. Anyone up to that age who is in care, has been in care, is being brought up by family and friends carers, or who was brought up by family and friends carers can complete this survey.

It is really important for children raised by family and friends carers to complete this survey, so that the survey's findings reflect their experiences as well as all others. I would ask all family and friends carers reading this to direct the young people they are raising or have raised to this webpage, where they can answer the survey's questions: ... re-inquiry
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