Can I get my granddaughter placed with me if its been to coury

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Can I get my granddaughter placed with me if its been to coury

Postby Prim » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:29 pm

Hi I have 2 granddaughters the oldest lives with me and her grandfather we have a residence order which we arranged with our daughter and no involvement with social services. She is 13 yrs old and autistic also anxiety issues. Her sister is 6 yrs old and was placed with us for 3 weeks. Due to her sisters anxiety being extremely difficult at that time and her sister sleeping on the floor in her room she was placed in foster care. Told we would have lots of contact with her which turned out to lies. We applied for her and was told at the assessment that we are to old, or health and due to her sister anxiety which is also made worse by her not seeing her sister where she is and afraid that they will take her away .Disability social worked reported that their was pretension of a brake down in placement for both children so we was refused. We feal that we were made to choose one over the other or lose both. We were not party to any court proceeding. As told that as we failed the assessment we wasn't allowed. Court placed her in fostercare we know only see her once a month which is totally heartbreaking and is making her sister very upset and distressed her school has contacted us on lots of occasions and report that she is very anxious due to her not understanding. Can we apply now to have her placed with us we love her dearly and won't what us best for her and her sister

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