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Care order Pwp

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:06 pm
by Ashley1989
Hello Im looking for any advice/help I can get, Im a dad to a six month old baby and from birth she has been placed on an Interim care order the reasons of which are domestic abuse (emotional) from which my ex done to me. During early pregnancy she broke up with me and then went onto spread malicious lies claiming id threatend to kill her and our at the time unborn child, i was fully investigated and cooperated with the police and was placed on bail, to which i was found innocent. My ex partner continued to harrass me and my family which broke restraining orders and led to her being placed in prison ( i said from day 1 she needed psychiatric help) as her behaviour was so out of charecter etc. She was released just days before birth and contacted my by telephone to say she was about to give birth. I attended the birth and supported her throughout which yeah i admitt now was probably silly but I didnt want to miss my daughter coming into this world. After birth I applied to have the restraining order lifted as she seemed to me to be on the path to getting better, our daughter was placed in the care of her maternal grandmother who i may add had her grandchildren removed from her household and placed with me and my ex partner in 2012.

Me and my ex went through the process of contact centre etc and she went back to her abuse of my family (my sister) and ended up in prison. I continued with seeing my daughter 3 times a week and there was never any concerns with me other than on times I appear nervous (who wouldnt be its my first baby) and all my contacts were positive.

The plan is for my daughter to be placed into my care on a full care order but I dont want this deep down as every aspect of my contacts etc has been positive, I have never or never would raise my voice in my daughters presence, I did not threaten my ex partner and all my own contacts etc have been positive. I do understand the reasons behind threshold being met but I dont want my daughter on a care order for years on end when contact between her and her mother can be arranged with a supervision order, and when my daughter is named called by 2 completley different names in the court papers what is truly going on and are they mixing my own child up with another??

Last year was pure hell for me and yes my baby is coming to me but I just want all this to end, do I just agree to the care order or do I continue to not so much appose it but disagree? Also why is disagreeing with it is now considerd a concern?

Anybody with advice or somebody to even talk to would be greatly appricoated

Re: Care order Pwp

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:53 am
by Robin D

I'm afraid you are on the wrong FRG forum. This one is for extended family caring for children. Please repost at

Re: Care order Pwp

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:54 pm
by Ashley1989
Sorry my mistake. Thanks for the link