how do we apply to be added as party to proceedings

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how do we apply to be added as party to proceedings

Post by fernypops » Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:30 pm

Hi I wrote on the assessment section asking for advice about our nieces as we failed our viability assessment and there were many discrepancies in it.
we didn't appeal due to the social worker involved basically saying there was no point challenging as the court always goes with their recommendation we then found out through the children's guardian this wasn't the case and we were told to write to the courts, since then we wrote direct to the judge heading the case and he forwarded a common y on to the local authority solicitor acting on behalf of the girls. We got a letter from them yesterday saying if we wish to challenge the outcome of our assessment we must apply to the court to be added as party to proceedings and attend an issues resolution hearing on 8th September at 10am. They said if we wish to proceed with an application could we inform the local authority at our earliest convenience.
We want to apply but are unsure how! does anyone have any advice please :) we also live in Scotland so can't get down to see a solicitor before the hearing as it is only 2 weeks away and have children in school so don't want to disturb their education too much unless necessary! will we have enough time to apply seeing as it is only 2 weeks away?
Thanks in advance x

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Re: how do we apply to be added as party to proceedings

Post by David Roth » Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:00 am

I would suggest that you phone the clerk of the court where the proceedings are taking place, and they are usually happy to take you through the process of applying to be joined as parties to the proceedings.
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