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Postby David Roth » Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:20 pm

Now that summer's here and the holidays are almost upon us, a number of local support groups are going to be holding fun days for family and friends carers and the children they are raising.

Fun days can be anything from a get-together in the local park to a trip out to an amusement park. They provide a great opportunity for children to meet up with others who are in the same circumstances as themselves, and for the adults to just get together for some relaxation time.

The fun days will be in different parts of the country, and we will be posting details about them as soon as we receive them in the Support Groups section of the FRG website (you can get there by following the link at the top of this page). Please keep an eye open, to find out if there is going to be one close to you!
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