ending contact

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ending contact

Postby Corydalis » Tue May 01, 2018 2:12 pm

My son is bringing up his daughter as the mother has a poor history with her first child, the second child was adopted as has the first been now. These were not my son's. His ex has always been reluctant to engage with her daughter during the 6 x 2 hr supervisd sessions per year and has missed or been late for quite a few over the 5 years. My grandaughter has become distressed before, and sometimes during the contacts and the mother admitted she cannot relate to her because she says she was abused as a child. The last contact she didn't turn up used several excuses even after we altered the time and date to her preferences and eventually said it was due to her anxiety. My grandaughter was very distressed by the on off situation and my son has had his solicitor write saying that e mail contact would be best to avoid distress to his daughter but the mother insists on going to court. I have always been the supervisor for the contacts and do not want to see my grandaughter distressed she has stated on several occasions that she does not like her mother. What will happen now? Is there anything I can do to ease my grandaughter's distress if she has to see her mother again?

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