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Please sign & share petition so all kinship carers households are exempt for 2 child restriction on tax credits

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:50 pm
by Cathy Ashley
Please sign and share this petition which calls for all kinship care households to be made exempt from the 2 child restriction on child tax credit. Our lobbying led to the Government agreeing, during the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, that all kinship carers taking on a kin child would be able to claim child tax credit for that child. But the regulations that have been subsequently introduced mean that if a kinship carer then gives birth to their own child, they can be hit by the 2 child limit and unable to claim child tax credit for their new baby. Alongside articles in the newspapers about this and Melanie Onn MP raising this in Parliament, the petition is one way for all of us to put pressure on the Government to address this injustice in the 22 November budget.
Many thanks
Cathy (Chief Executive, Family Rights Group)