A very long complex story

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A very long complex story

Post by Devotedauntie » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:54 am

Hi guys
Our nephew got taken into foster care last May, we haven't been allowed to see him since then. We had a viability assessment last april which came back negative, the judge then asked they re-assess us and the maternal grandparents again (as they also had a negative viability) they done the viability assessment again this year, me and my partner got a positive outcome this time. We went on to have a kinship assessment which was also positive, social services still had concerns so we had to undergo further assessments due to our history which came back fine and we are the only ones in the family that got positive assessments....anyway 16 months down the line they have said that we will be having contact in the next few weeks as the careplan has to be submitted by mid october, now my question is, if we have had positive assessments and theres no other family members, can social services still say he would be better off adopted? Because as it stands they have told us they are still looking at the adoption option and they have concerns as to whether we can protect our nephew even though we have moved miles away from the maternal family and we are not near the paternal side either. i constantly feel like we are fighting a losing battle all the time! We are happy that we will finally get to see our nephew after so long but on the other hand we are wondering what obstacle are they going to put in the way next its so frustrating. Any advice would be much appreciated and please let me know if its ok for me to write all of the above. Thanks

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Re: A very long complex story

Post by Robin D » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:35 pm

Hi Devotedauntie.

Social services have to 'parallel plan' meaning that if it all falls through with you, then they already have a plan in place to get the child settled as soon as possible. As the judge told them they had to reassess you, and that, as a result, everything seems positive, I suspect it would take a real issue coming out of the woodwork to make them change tack at this time. You do need to sort out in your own mind what you would so if, for arguments sake, Mum or Dad turned up on your doorstep or at your nephews school. The court will also want convincing that you are able to adequately protect the child.

Good luck .... Robin
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