SGO Care and Settling in Package

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SGO Care and Settling in Package

Post by IAS » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:33 am

Hi All,

We are currently going through court for SGO for our Neice and Nephew, which is more than likely going to happen. We went to see a solicitor last week and he said we need to start thinking about a care package and settling in package. We have a 2 year old ourselves but we have nothing for these 2 children.

Just wondering what they would be likely to help us with? I have started a list below and I wanted to ask people that have already had the SGO is there anything we haven't thought about? Without having the children its hard to know what they will need.

2 beds with mattresses
Mattress protectors
Duvet cover sets
Car Seats
Storage/Toy Boxes
Possibly curtains, carpets, paint and wallpaper (we will have to move before we get the children)
Safety gates

Is there anything we have missed?

How likely are they to help us with all this?

Many thanks
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Re: SGO Care and Settling in Package

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:28 pm

Dear SAI,

I am glad that your solicitor is discussing what care package you might need, prior to the order being granted. Your list can be presented by your solicitor as part of the assessment, Children services should put a support plan in writing. It is important that this is done well before the final order is made by the court. If you were not happy with what has been offered, your solicitor can then challenge it.

By law, children services should have a friends and family policy which includes special guardians. Your starting point should be to check this.
Is there a special guardianship support group in your area? If so, find out about this and you could talk to others special guardians about support.

Financial support might be available, if children services consider it “necessary “to help you to look after the children. So, for example, children’s services, as part of the assessment may look at your request for a larger car and also what is needed to set up your home to accommodate the children.

Financial support is also available if either of the children have extra needs arising from illness, disability or emotional and behavioural disabilities.
These needs might arise due to the neglect or abuse they suffered in the past. The assessment by children services should detail any needs that have been noted.

There is also the adoption support fund which is open to special guardians as well as adopters.

Have you asked to be assessed for special guardianship order allowance? This is means tested and will be reviewed yearly.
See our advice sheet that I put on my last post to you which sets out support that you could be assessed for, form page 39.
Do any other carers have other suggestions?

Best wishes,


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Re: SGO Care and Settling in Package

Post by R24 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:32 am

The law is as set out at section 14 D of the Children Act 1989, which is set out at the end of this post. We can see from this that a parent can apply to vary or discharge an SGO but needs the court’s permission first.a. First the parent must show a change of circumstances.b. Then the court will consider the child’s welfare and the parent’s prospects of success in challenging the SGO.

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