Here we go again!

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Here we go again!

Post by worriednan » Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:45 pm

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted here for a while but could really do with some support at the moment.

I have had an SGO for my gs for 5 years now, things with him are great and he is a happy little boy. However, things with his bm (my daughter) haven't gone well due to her continued issues with drugs and alcohol, inappropriate behaviour in front of g/s, erratic contact etc.

At present there is no contact due to her drug taking. I've recently found out that she is pregnant again and feel an impending sense of doom on the horizon.

Although I have read the factsheets I would love to hear from other grandparents who have been in the same situation, will SS automatically approach us to take on this child and how does it all go from here? As there has been no lifestyle or drug use improvements I suspect that this child will also be removed, probably at birth.

Your experiences would be really helpful and informative. I do feel that I need to be a little prepared for what may come in the coming months.

Many thanks

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