Child to Teenager

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Child to Teenager

Post by shywazz » Wed May 30, 2012 12:16 pm

Hello All....Just a short up date on the progress of us... :)

It was Jan 2010 that my we became F&F carers for my sisters boy, whom he now grown and devolped into a young man, now aged 16 ... He has done us proud ever since, with little trouble, at present he is sitting nine exams, his little brain is aching, bless him, but he plods on in his own little way, he has been selected into two colleges in our area, something he never dreamed of going onto, until he came to live with me and my partner, how 3 years changes a child and how there progress under difficult cirmcumstances, like he has, just shows our care and love for him, has helped him in many choices he has had to make, all for the better.... He attends his school Prom mxt month, and leaves school in less than two weeks, how time passes eh. We have no children of our own, so zero experince, but i would like to feel we have done well in bringing him up and showing him that things can and do get better as time passes, although be it sometimes difficult paths and hurdles have to be over come. The 3 years havnt been plain sailing, SS have and havnt been helpful, but together we have grown to put the lad 1st, and we have always challanged SS and argued on the lads behalf, we have banged on doors and spoken our mind with respect everything from finance to the lads schooling, with the SS in the end seeing things our way, but not without the knowledge of sites/people like this/you and other networks, as added back up, that provide good and detailed information, to guide family and friend carers like us...why am i writing this, to show that times can be difficult and sometimes stressful, there will be tears of sadness, but also tears of much joy, on your part and the child/children, but everything can and should be overcome as time passes, we never thought we had it in us to bring a child up, but what we have shown is that we can, and we will continue to do so, as long as we are needed by him.

College is the next step and i'm sure that will bring new and exciting/challanging times for him and most likly us too, keep smiling everyone and remember for every question there is a answer....

until my next up-date :) to all........

My main post when we very first started fostering, will give you a hindsight into how we have progressed... bye for now all and stay safe be safe...

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Re: Child to Teenager

Post by Kate » Wed May 30, 2012 1:24 pm

Hi Shywazz

How good to hear from you again and what an encouraging, heartwarming post. I'm so glad everything has worked out so well with your nephew. You have made the most enormous difference in his life and given him a bright future. You must be so proud of him - you can also be proud of yourselves :D :D

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Re: Child to Teenager

Post by David Roth » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:00 am

Shywazz, it's lovely to read about the difference that you have been able to make in your nephew's life. These are the real rewards that becoming a family and friends carer can bring, and it sounds as if you have showed a lot of commitment, and made huge changes in your own lives, in order to give this youngster a better chance in life.

I am pleased to read that you have found this site and the support of other family and friends carers a useful resource for getting the right support. Getting good information and support can make such a difference.

Wishing you and your nephew all the best for the future.
David Roth
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