Dates for future FGC network meetings 2018

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Dates for future FGC network meetings 2018

Post by rachida@FRG » Mon May 21, 2018 10:54 am

Don't forget to register to attend the network meetings (Free for network members) by contacting Sophia Hill at

1. 11th July, 12pm to 4pm, London
The child welfare legal framework and changes in data protection regulation: implications for FGC practice
Caroline Lynch, Principal Legal Adviser, Family Rights Group
This network meeting will provide an opportunity for FGC services to update their knowledge about the legal framework and its implications for FGC practice. There will also be opportunity to consider changes in data protection regulations which come into force in May 2018 and have a direct bearing on FGC practice.

2. 19th September, 12pm to 4pm, Birmingham
Supporting family participation - Mediation and Advocacy in FGC practice
This network meeting will explore the two areas of mediation and advocacy in FGC practice and how they can support the participation of vulnerable family members.
FGC services are increasingly reporting that alongside their FGC practice they are offering mediation either as an alternative response or as a support to their FGC work. This seminar will explore the experience of how this is delivered in practice.
Similarly services report a range of approaches that they are using to advocate on behalf of vulnerable family members in FGCs. This will be an opportunity to examine these different strategies and their usefulness in direct FGC practice.

3. 5th December 2018, 12pm to 4pm, Cardiff
Signs of Safety and FGC practice – help or hindrance?
This seminar will revisit the practice implications for FGC services of the continuing development of Signs of Safety as a practice framework being adopted by local authorities. How can SoS complement FGCs? What are the experiences of FGC services where SoS is well embedded?

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