Network meetings for the year - 2015

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Network meetings for the year - 2015

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The National FGC network: Practice learning sessions for 2015

As part of the ongoing work to refine and support quality standards in the provision of FGC services Family Rights Group with the national network will continue to host a series of workshop/ seminars to examine and promote good practice and give a platform to innovative areas of practice.
These workshops will draw on the expertise of members of the network and will be held as part of the quarterly network meetings. They are intended to open up discussion within the network and to provide a forum to share good practice with the aim of developing clear practice guidance particularly in relation to areas identified through the accreditation process as requiring attention.

25th March Newcastle
Chair: Sean Haresnape; Principal Social Work Advisor, Family Rights Group
‘The Vulnerable babies pilot project - Using FGCs to address the needs of vulnerable parents pre-birth’

Gillian Christian and Heather Rush Edinburgh Family Group Meeting Service
The Vulnerable babies’ pilot project was set up in February 2014 following a growing concern of the number of babies being accommodated in Local authority foster placements
From the statistical information as well as from feedback from families and the practice team social workers the project concludes that this pilot project has been successful. This success lies not only in terms of the Balance of Care agenda where babies have been placed in planned kinship placements instead of local authority foster care, but also in terms of a child’s right for their family to be involved in decision making.
This presentation will focus on the outcomes and challenges of the project over the last year and learning to date.
• Participants will have the opportunity to hear about how the Edinburgh project has utilised FGCs to assist parents to plan for the needs of vulnerable parents pre-birth
• Hear about the ethos and thinking behind the project
• Hear about the learning from the project, the challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing this work
• Hear about the outcome evidence from the 12 months of the project implementation
• Hear the views of family and referrers

24th June 2015 Bristol
Chaired by Sean Haresnape; Principal Social Work Advisor, Family Rights Group
‘Putting the child at the centre of the FGC’
Young people from Torbay FGC service with Nick Thayre, FGC service manager Torbay

This workshop will examine how children are represented in FGCs and what should be the principles that guide how we involve them. The workshop will provide an opportunity to share resources and practice ideas.
Nick Thayre, the FGC service manager in Torbay has over many years supported a group of young people who have had their own family group conferences to have a voice in influencing the development of FGC practice. They have presented in many forums including to Ministers, to the children’s commissioner and at many conferences including to the south west FGC forum conferences. This workshop will explore:
• What has helped them feel heard and to participate in the FGC
• What they have found difficult
• Whether there was anything that prevented them from saying what they wanted to say
• What else might help children to take part in FGCs

14th September 2015 London
Chaired by Sean Haresnape, Principal Social Work Advisor, Family Rights Group
‘Signs of Safety and Family Group Conferences – finding the right fit between two family strength based models’
Kathy Nuza Tower Hamlets FGC service and Sally Anne Millar Team Manager Essex FGC service (invited)

Participants will be able to:
• Hear from two FGC services where the local authority has incorporated a signs of safety approach
• Hear about the Signs of Safety model and how it can fit alongside FGC practice
• Hear about the Munroe ‘Signs of Safety’ pilot and how impacting on FGC practice
• Get an overview of the use of the signs of safety approach in the UK
• Consider some of the potential benefits and challenges to FGC practice of this approach
• Help to formulate some good practice parameters guiding how these approaches can complement each other

December 3rd 2015 Cambridge
Chaired by Sean Haresnape; Principal Social Work Advisor
‘How FGCs fit within the changing legal framework.’’
Bridget Lindley; Legal Adviser/Deputy CE FRG

This workshop will support FGC services to anticipate reforms to the legal child welfare framework.
• including changes in child protection guidance and the new ‘working together’ guidance
• and working with changes in the family justice system
• We will examine good practice and the (to be) updated guidance developed by FRG and the national network to the courts concerning FGCs.
• There will be opportunity to problem solve some of the common challenges that working on the edge of legal proceedings can bring for FGC practice

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